No doubt starting a well-prepared PPC campaign nowadays requires a lot of  decisions to be undertaken properly in order to get the ultimate results you are looking for from the campaign.

Running an extensive keyword research is an essential part of walking through the right steps to get the maximum return you are shooting for. However, choosing keyword types is something many Google Ads advertisers blink an eye on it and choose it randomly although it could lead to disastrous results for the campaigns.

There are 4 types of keywords in Google Ads: Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match & Modified Broad Match. All of them are definitely useful but the trick is to know how and where to use each.

In this blog, I’ll focus on explaining the modified broad match type. Modified broad match keywords always look this ( +Modified +Broad +Match) meaning it is always accompanied with the plus (+) sign and includes more than one word. Simply, modified broad match keywords make your ads come up if the searcher’s search query include all of the words that are accompanied with the plus sign in any order. For example, your keyword is (+Dentist +London) your ad come up when someone search query includes both words like: Dentist East London.

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